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I did not come from a T20 family, started young in property investment with a capital of RM2000
16 years ago, I started investing in properties with only a capital of RM2,000.

Yes, I was young just like you and I did not come from a T20 family. I have suffered the loss from bad property investments, and I have also gained massive returns from property investments. 

Since then, I have invested in over 60 properties to date. All of these are documented in my bestselling book, WTF? 23 Properties by 30’.

I have shared knowledge with participants in programs such as Sanjana Hartanah, Millionaire Employee Blueprint, Faizul Ridzuan Private Group, Value Investing in Properties, and Road To 3 Million.

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Buying Formula for the First Home Buyer

You'll learn about important steps in the home buying process, such as how to determine your budget, find the right real estate agent, and evaluate potential properties. We'll also provide guidance on securing a mortgage, navigating home inspections, and closing on your new home.
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How to Buy for Less Than Market Value

Uncover the secret to purchasing your dream home at a discounted price with these proven strategies. From working with motivated sellers to identifying undervalued properties, this webinar has everything you need to know.
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Conquer Your Investment Fears: Low-Risk Property Strategies for 2023

The key to success for first-time homebuyers is having a solid strategy in place. Learn the best strategy for first-time homebuyers, including tips on budgeting, getting pre-approved for a mortgage, and working with a real estate agent.
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Financial Freedom on a Low Salary: Tips for Reducing 4-Digit Monthly Digital Commitments

Achieving financial freedom is possible, even on a low salary. Don't let high monthly expenses hold you back! Discover how to break free from 4-digit commitments on a limited income with these effective cost-cutting strategies.
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