The Surprise Hike in the OPR by BNM, What You Should Know?

What’s the impact and how to survive this year

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May 28th, 2023

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Whether you have loans, mortgages, or are considering investing, changes in the OPR can affect your monthly expenses.

Impact on interest rates

The OPR serves as a benchmark for other lending rates in Malaysia, so changes in the OPR can impact the interest rates on loans, mortgages, and other types of credit.

Influence on the economy

The OPR can affect inflation, exchange rates, economic growth, and investment in Malaysia. Understanding how the OPR impacts these factors can help individuals and businesses make informed financial decisions.

Monitoring OPR changes

Malaysians who have loans or other types of credit should monitor changes in the OPR to determine if it will affect their interest rates. Additionally, individuals and businesses who are considering taking out loans or making investments should stay informed about the OPR and its potential impact on the economy.

But how do we survive this phase to achieve better outcomes?

We have years of experience working in the property investment industry.

Have helped numerous individuals and business owners survive the complexities of the financial system and make informed decisions.

Meet the speaker: Faizul Ridzuan

Up until today, I was able to give talks and workshops to over 2,000 students in my classes, namely Sarjana Hartanah, Millionaire Employee Blueprint, Value Investing in Properties and Road To 3 Million Workshop.

Not only that, but I also have shared valuable knowledge to the public for free which is over 50,000 people in the Faizul Ridzuan Private Group – Free.

This is all because of this property investment tactic that I have used. Going through OPR changes is a walk on a breeze throughout my 15+ years investing and handling properties.

I have shared knowledge in various real estate classes organized with leading developers, such as Sunway, UEM, Mah Sing, Eco World, SP Setia, and IJM Land. I was also invited to share my real estate investment experiences and tips such as TV3, TV1, Astro Awani, New Straits Times, The Star, The Edge, Nanyang Siang Pau, Focus Malaysia, Berita Harian, Property Insights, and BFM radio.

Why you should attend this session?

  • Understand how changes in the OPR impact your finances
  • Stay up-to-date on OPR announcements
  • Make informed decisions about loans, mortgages, and investments
  • Take control of your finances and plan for the future

May 28th, 2023

At 9.00PM

Days Hours Minutes Seconds

Until the LIVE Event Starts!

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